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Under 9

Lancon v Lostock Hall Red – 30/03/14

Well this was one of the tightest matches I’ve ever seen us play. Lancon appeared to get caught out early and slumped to a heavy defeat after the first half but the 2nd half brought one of the strongest fight backs I have ever seen from the players and it showed extremely strong character because it would have been easy for them to allow their heads to drop. The management from Lostock Hall Red even commented how good a match it was and I think that is a credit to all the players. Another set of strong individual performances led to a great team performance. There are 3 weeks without any matches scheduled now so we will keep training and ensure we are ready for them to start again. Keep up the good work everyone.


Lancon v Walton North End – 23/03/14

Who needs Barcelona when you’ve got Lancon. The team played out of their skin today. Some fantastic individual performances led to a brilliant team performance. The training is starting to click and it is looking extremely promising for the future. Following on from last weeks result confidence was high with the players and they capitalised on that confidence. The team had a fantastic first half and all I could do is praise them but then they upped their game further in the second half and came out with a performance I’ve never seen from them before. With 2 hat-tricks for 2 strikers they went all out to get the third but it wasn’t meant to be. Thank you to the parents again for their support. It looks like the silent weekend has really given a good message out to parents and the kids are clearly enjoying it more. THANK YOU. Next week we’ve got Lostock Hall Red who are a new entity to us so all we have to do is keep confidence at a high.

Lancon v Walton North End – 16/03/14

Well I think Barcelona replaced us on Sunday because the team played absolutely outstanding. We started quickly and put their defence under pressure from the first second. Walton North End weren’t going to sit back and let us come at them and replied with 2 fantastic goals. The teams went in at half time drawing. A small pep talk and reminder of our training and tactics and Lancon came back out fighting. All the training appeared to pay off with some fantastic individual performances but more importantly an absolutely superb team performance. The parents continued to follow the motto of “sshhh Let them play” and the feedback keeps coming in from the children that they enjoy it when their parents praise them as opposed to telling them what to do and confusing them. Thank You to all the parents but more importantly thank you to the kids for listening and playing to the best of their ability. We’re up against Walton North End again next week and now they know what we’re capable of so we need to up our game for the match.

Walton le Dale Yellows v Lancon – 09/03/14

This week was the Lancashire FA initiative of a silent weekend with the motto “sshhhh Let them play”. This was received extremely well from the parents and officials for both teams. This allowed the kids to play their own game….and what a game it was. I can honestly say it was possibly the best I’ve seen us play in a long time. To say we dominated the match would be an understatement. The kids did everything that we have asked of them in training. Their positioning was excellent and the pass and move play seemed perfect. Some inspiring performances by the team put us in the lead and then an unstopable shot from a Walton le dale player equalised things. With only seconds remaining 2 Walton le Dale players were through on the lancon goal and it seemed like a sure thing that they were going to score however an excellent save by Emily spared our blushes. If the team can maintain this effort, dedication and spirit for the rest of the season then I can’t see why we can’t beat the run we went on at the end of last season. KEEP IT UP and remember SSSHHHH LET THEM PLAY!!!

Lancon v Croston – 02/03/14

Well this week saw us in our first competitive match in the league cup. The weather again played its part with the thought that the match could have ended up being called off again however due to excellent work by our parents we managed to make the pitch playable (Thanks John, Tom & Rick). The team started really well and I thought it was going to be our day and then Croston scored a goal in their first attack from brilliant build up play. Lancon rose to the challenge and started playing excellently. A Quick pass from Will to defence and then out of defence to Seb led by a great run past 4 players led to Seb scoring an equaliser. Croston continued to put Lancon under pressure and it could have been many more goals if it wasn’t for Will making some fantastic saves. The first half was end to end stuff and finished 1-1. The 2nd half started in the same vein as the first and was end to end. All players were playing with passion and unfortunately a challenge in our area led to Croston being given a penalty which was brilliantly taken. This provided Croston with the impetus they needed to carry on and win the game. The team never gave up and tried their hardest to get back in the game however this unfortunately left us vulnerable in defence. The cup run has ended but the team goes on.

AC Preston v Lancon– 07/12/13

To say this was a physical match would be an understatement. I’ve never experienced a game like it in the 18 months I’ve been with Lancon. As a team we started off very lively but it was clear that the physicality started to take its toll on the players very quickly with forced substitutions due to injuries. For the full match we were under the cosh and it was a constant assault on our goals with Will trying his hardest to stand strong and our defenders throwing themselves in front of the ball. Once the physicality took hold we appeared to lose our nerve slightly and our technique was lost. Today was a true test and may possibly help the players in the long run and I am proud to say that they never gave up. As this is the last match of the year I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you everything you’ve asked for.

Lancon v Lostock Hall White – 01/12/13

I didn’t know what to expect from this game. When they turned up and one of their players towered over all of ours I was a little apprehensive. The Team started extremely quickly with some excellent passing culminating in a fantastic early goal and I thought it was going to be a good day. Lostock Hall White certainly didn’t want us to think that they were going to be a push over and started to attack us quickly. This game turned out to be an excellent competitive game that turned out to be end to end. There were some great headers today and the players are no longer afraid to put their bodies on the line and get their heads to the ball. There was a flurry of shots at the end of the match that hit the bar, were saved and went over the bar. Really close match again. Final game of the year next week against AC Preston and finally an away game with a slight lie in.

Lancon v Walton North End – 24/11/13

The Frost kindly stayed away overnight allowing the match to go ahead. Today was a scrappy game but the lads dug in and worked their socks off. The first 10 minutes were all one way but the ball just wouldn’t go in. This was partly down to some good defending from Walton North End who looked like they were fighting for their lives at one point. Walton North End were quick on the break and almost caught us out a couple of times but our defence stood strong and tracked back down the pitch to make some game saving challenges. Joe D moved back out of the net into the attacking position and this proved to be one of his best games before being substituted with a slight niggle after a kick on the ankle. The team amaze me every week with their improvement and ability. Some of the training sessions are coming to the fore and the players are thinking for themselves about how those techniques can be used in a game. Final home game of the year next weekend against Lostock Hall White so lets have a final push to finish the year.

Lancon v Walton Le Dale Yellows – 17/11/13

Great game today against a very friendly team. We were even going up against Taylor who was training with us in pre-season but unfortunately was unable to be accommodated. A little bit of experimentation today saw players trying out some different positions with Connor and Joe J moving up to midfield whilst Isaac moved back to defence. The biggest change was Joe D making his debut as a goalkeeper and stepping into the breach whilst Will was on holiday. The game started off quickly with Walton le Dale grabbing an early goal but then a quick attack so it equalised. Lady luck wasn’t on the side of Lancon because every shot either hit the woodwork or sailed very close. Another great team performance and 100% effort by all the players. Again, another home game next week against Walton North End so lets keep it up.

Lancon v Astley & Buckshaw Blue – 10/11/13

Well Hurricane Postponement flew over Lancashire this week however due to a nice bit of sunshine on Saturday evening and a lovely frost overnight, the pitch was perfect condition. This was great news for the team as they managed to get a game on and what a game it was. There was some fantastic passing between the team and this was coupled with some excellent goalkeeping. At one point I counted 13 passes between Lancon players and this move culminated in a goal. The team now appear to have found their shooting boots and were lining up to test the Astley keeper. I could not have been prouder of the team today. Their work-rate was second to none and they appeared to have taken a lot of the training techniques on board.  A Nice fixture change next week means that we now have a game against Walton le Dale Yellows to look forward to next week. Keep the Faith!!!

Gillibrand v Lancon – 27/10/13

After 3 days of the worst rain I’ve seen in a long time, the expectation was that this match would be victim to the weather however this proved not to be the case. I was fully expecting us to be playing in a marsh but the pitch remained exceptionally sturdy with only the odd damp patch. The game started extremely quickly with both sides pushing for that early goal. There were some fantastic saves by the Gillibrand keeper and I didn’t think it was going to be our day but then a goal was scored direct from a corner which really livened the game up. Both teams set up to attack and they didn’t disappoint. The match was end to end with some great passing when moving forward and strong defending when on the back foot. This was definitely one of my favourite games this season and hopefully the players enjoyed it too. 3 home games are now coming up so its chance to get into our stride. Keep it up Lancon.

Lancon v Leyland Albion Blue– 08/10/13

This match was played at home on a very moist winters morning although the sun was shining low in the sky. The conditions weren’t ideal and it didn’t take long for the players (and me) to have extremely wet feet. The match started very lively with both teams getting plenty of possession and attacking with each one. Some excellent saves made by both goalkeepers lined this up to be a very excited game. The conditions were proving difficult for the teams and there looked to be a few tired legs out there by mid-way in the first half. A Little nudge by a Leyland Albion player resulted in a drop ball that was played straight up the pitch towards our defence and brought out, leading to another attack. Plenty of balls spinning off boots today as I think all the dew had stuck to the ball. One of the last kicks of the game ended up with a player winded and a penalty given to the opposing team. Lancon aren’t a team to give up fighting to the very end. Onwards to the next game at Penwortham St Teresas Yellow.

Chorley Wanderers v Lancon – 22/09/13

The match saw the team play at Chorleys home pitch which is a good size and would challenge the teams stamina again!  What we didn’t realise before the game is that we were about to see some great football. A good, steady start to the game from both teams.  The highlight of the first few minutes was a lot of chances falling to Lancon but being withheld by the goalkeeper and the post 6 times although it did mark the start of some great playing by the Team. Lancon were playing a strong game with good ball possession and not allowing Chorley any breakthroughs. The half time whistle went and the team marched off the pitch and were eager to get back on to continue the match. The team came on again and seemed relaxed and confident however Chorley had come back on strong and had a good level of ball possession in this half. Lancon continued to play a good game and the effort could not be disputed. The team appear to be enjoying playing together and have improved astronomically over the past 12 months and this is a good sign of things to come.

Lancon v New Longton – 15/09/13

The match saw the team play on a new pitch inside Hutton Headquarters which is a good size and would challenge both teams stamina! The teams lined up and it looked like a David vs Goliath match up with the difference in size of the teams. A good, steady start to the game from both teams with the work rate at the highest ever.  The first half was made up of several highlights with some good individual work but great team work. Lancon were playing a strong game with good ball possession and not allowing New Longton to pick up any sort of stride. At half time a few tired legs walked off the pitch but every player was raring to go and couldn’t wait for the 2nd half to start. The team came on again and seemed relaxed and confident. New Longton had come back on strong and had a good level of ball possession in this half but Lancon weren’t going to let them have an easy ride. Lancon continued to play a good, safe & strong game. This was all overseen by Claire due to me being on my coaching course so credit must go to Claire for stepping in and providing an entertaining match for both sets of parents. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.


Gregson Lane v Lancon (Friendly) - 08/09/13

Well today was certainly a challenge for the players against a strong team with a lot of individually gifted players. Lancon defended extremely well against constant pressure on the goal. Some very brave goalkeeping by Will and Robbie and our defence of Sam, Jamie, James & Connor put their bodies on the line to protect the goal. Some very quick attacking from Ethan,Josh, Isaac, Seb, Emily & the 2 Joe’s resulted in some great goals from Ethan including one individual run from his own half. The physicality of the game slightly overrun our players but what we lack in size we certainly make up for in effort and I would like to commend every player for their effort and determination for the whole game. We look forward to the local derby next week against New Longton to kick off our season with a bang.













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